Central Restaurant Group
Happy Body Program

Marimo5 Co., Ltd. and Central Restaurant Group (CRG) Co., Ltd. Collaborated to conduct the Happy Body program to promote the health of CRG employee
who has a high or moderate Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) by educating them with healthy nutrition lifestyle and exercise session to achieve the better health and better life.

Central Restaurant Group President's impression

Mr. Nath Vongphanich the President of CRG give us the impression of this program with Dr. Shigeru Yamato CEO of Marimo5 about how important of employee health that effects work performance, sick leave, work absences, and medical cost and how much he concern and recognize about this issues.


Service Process

  1. Health Station

    February 1st - 2nd, 2018

    The first body composition measurement for all CRG staffs who was interested in aware of their health.

  2. Health Station

    June 20th - 21st, 2018

    The second body composition measurement for attended staffs who want to join the happy body program.

  3. Food Education & Lose Fat 1

    July 12th, 2018

    The first active classes for CRG employees who are in the risk group to introduce the overview of the program and the beginning and concept of a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Food Education & Lose Fat 2

    August 9th, 2018

    The second active classes for CRG employees to have more exercise knowledge and practice session. To help some participants who feel not comfortable to start with control their diet.

  5. Food Education & Lose Fat 3

    September 13th, 2018

    The third and last active classes for CRG employees to conclude the knowledge of the program and counseling service for long term lifestyle modification.

  6. Food Education 4

    October 11st, 2018

    The last session for low and moderate risk group to learn how to prevent NCDs by adjusting diet and exercise behavior.

  7. Ceremony reward

    November 21st - 22nd, 2018

    Central Restaurant Group and Marimo5 have the reward for the staff who have health improvements such as lost weight and body fat or gained muscle mass.

The biggest improvement of all attended participants

After Marimo5 provided health education program (Health Station, Food Education, and Lose Fat Program) to Central Restaurant Group’s employees,

  • Could reduce the BODY WEIGHT by 18 kg (from 94.4 to 76.4 kg) meanwhile 31.25% of attended participants (23 persons) could reduce their body weight by 6.34 kg.
  • Could reduce the FAT MASS by 13.7 kg (from 36.1 kg to 22.4 kg) whereas 37.50% of attended participants (28 persons) could reduce their fat mass by 5.77 kg.
  • Could increase the MUSCLE MASS by 10.1 kg (from 52.8 kg to 62.9 kg) whereas 56.25% of attended participants (42 persons) could reduce their fat mass by 2.12 kg.

Body composition comparison of 74 participants

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