Dr. Shigeru’s article was published in
Global Management Magazine issued on 3rd December 2018

Health issue is Management Issue
Employees’ Healthcare Management (Data Health) is required in ASEAN

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Dr. Shigeru Yamato, CEO of Marimo5 Co., Ltd., said in the article that according to United Nations’ statistic, lifestyle-related diseases i.e. non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in employees tends to increase in ASEAN, particularly in Thailand and Malaysia, due to unhealthy lifestyle. Increasing of the NCDs makes Japanese companies in Thailand and Malaysia lose their competitiveness because their productivities will drop and healthcare welfare and health insurance from the government in Thailand is not enough, so they have to pay more in employees’ medical bills. Therefore, this problem should be recognized and managed. Although many companies have the Department of Human Resource to take care of their employees, they are not expert in health and healthcare data collection and analysis, therefore, a professional healthcare service provider is necessary for training and offering suitable healthcare service. JETRO, cooperated with Fujifilm Corporation has developed New Industry Creation Demonstration Project to manage lifestyle-related diseases in Thailand. If this project is realized, many companies will be able to manage employees’ healthcare efficiently. Even though there are issues about the digitization of data and standardization of result format that change depending on medical examination institutions or insurance companies, this new business, healthcare companies, based on Japanese technology and knowledge, will be commercialized in ASEAN countries. Moreover, it will help to prevent NCDs, to solve the management problems, and strengthen the competitiveness of overseas Japanese companies.

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