CureSign Health Education Session 3

Last Session but Healthy Lifestyle Lives on

CureSign Health Education is an education is mainly focused on healthy selfcare. Health Education was divided into 3 sessions and conducted on 18th September, 12th October, and 8th November. In the first session, the activity was focused on CureSign blood results and how to take care of yourself in order to improve the blood results. Then in session 2, the Health Education was based on improving yourself by using exercise. In this session, the participants were asked to do four kinds of test based on four types of exercise which are aerobic, stregnth, strethcing, and flexibility exercises. In the last session, the education was focused on how to avoid risk factors that adversely affected your health such as tobacco and alcohol. The participants also learned about how to set up goals of being healthier. Lastly, the participants were asked to do meditation which could improve their mental health. The CureSign Health Education was succesfully delivered to the participants, but the remaining was that the participants could know how to improve themselves to have healthy lifestyles.

To have healthy lifestyle is easy, to check your blood with CureSign is easier

  • Review of previous sessions
  • Adverse effects of tobacco on health
  • Adverse effects of alcohol on health
  • Meditation
  • Lifesyle modification